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At Retirement

It can be difficult to understand your options at retirement. In this section, we have explained some common retirement options in plain simple language. This information is intended only as guidance. For advice on your specific circumstances, please get in touch.

An Enhanced Annuity pays a higher income in retirement if you have a medical condition that may reduce your life expectancy.
Income Drawdown is a more flexible alternative to the traditional annuity route, offering greater choice and control for many people.
On 6 April 2015 new pension rules came into force, giving you much greater flexibility over how you use your pension savings and the options you have in retirement.

UK News

Hospitals, ambulances and mental health services are spending £1bn a year on care from outside the NHS.
Australia is overtaking the UK as the world's second biggest destination for international students.
The UK government will compensate soldiers facing higher income tax bills because they are based in Scotland.
The health regulator found huge variations in the time taken to report on radiology examinations.
"If heads roll then maybe it's because it was deserved," the singer says after winning privacy case against the BBC.