Loan Protection

Many businesses have a variety of loans to help grow or expand, maybe an overdraft and possibly a commercial mortgage or if the directors have provided finance on a personal basis, directors’ loan accounts.

With most businesses reliant on a small number of key people to generate their revenue – would your business be able to continue to repay its loans if something happened to one of them? What would happen if it couldn’t, and the loan was recalled? or if you had to repay a director’s loan account?

Shareholder Protection

One of the great risks of a business partnership is that one of your colleagues may die, with his or her share of the business passing to someone else. That person may have little interest in the business or – at worst – may be hostile to your objectives.
Shareholder protection sets out the procedures and policies to help ensure that you retain control, and have the necessary funds to do so

Directors’ Life Insurance

Much like a traditional life insurance policy, your family will receive a lump sum should you pass away, however by paying the policy through your business as opposed to your personal account you could save up to 49% on the cost as it is excluded from employer and employee national insurance and is treatable as a tax-deductible business expense